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MagMod Basic Kit – All The Basics You Need to Make Flash Photography Fast, Easy and Awesome

Price: $89.95
(as of Jan 18,2022 08:59:53 UTC – Details)

Magnets can cause damage to magnetic storage media including hard drives. If you wear or use a pacemaker avoid magnets completely! Harmful if swallowed keep away from small children!
INCLUDES THE BARE NECESSITIES – The MagMod Baisc Kit helps control your on- or off-camera lighting quality. It includes the simple-to-use MagGrip, unique MagGrid for perfect light control, MagMod Transmitter Band for securing your radio trigger onto a flash ehad, MagGel Holder and Standard Gel Set to color-correct your image.
CHANGE FLASH MODIFIERS FASTER – The elastic MagGrip attaches to your flash head while its two built-in neodymium rare-earth magnets magnetize the MagGrid and MagGel.
PRODUCES CLEAN AND CONSISTENT IMAGES – The MagGrid focuses the light from your on-camera flash into a 40-degree beam pattern. You can stack one or two more MagGrids to obtain 20-15 degrees beam light.
SWAP MAGMOD GELS EASILY AND FAST – The MagMod MagGel has a dedicated gel slot that allows you to mount and swap out gels on your flash fast and easily. Insert one of the MagMod Standard Gels for easy, on-the-spot color correction. The set includes a 1/4, 1/2 & Full CTO, 1/2 Straw, 1/2 Plusgreen, 1/2 Blue, 3-stop Neutral Density, and Opal Frost Diffusion.
ATTACH RADIO TRIGGERS FAST AND EASY – The MagMod Transmitter Band keeps your radio trigger right on top or at the side of the speedlight. You no longer need velcro or adhesives to mount your radio triggers securely to your flash.

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