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Kids Smart Watch for Boys Girls, Music Player, 14 Games, Voice Call, Calculator&Recorder, SOS Alerts Clock, Waterproof, Age 3-12 Children Birthday Gift (Blue)

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Product Description


Benefits of Themoemoe Smartwatches for Kids

If you’ve ever owned a smartwatch yourself, you know how convenient and useful they are — it’s no different for children. They’re a great alternative to smartphones, especially for young children.



Nano SIM card:

Smartwatch needs to insert a Nano SIM card to use the calling function (only Nano SIM card supports 2G network, the product does not include a SIM card, it needs to be purchased separately). If the SIM card is not installed: In addition to the call and SOS functions, it can still be used as a game clock, and other functions can still be used normally.

Camera & Record Features

Happy hour recorder for kids

The wearer can record their daily life using the watch. It has a camera and an audio-record function so the wearer can snap photos or record voice messages for themselves.

Install a SIM memory card, everything can be saved. The photos and videos taken can be uploaded to the computer via the attached charging cable.

All the functions of this smart watch for children do not need an application, nor a gps tracking function.

You can choose not to insert a SIM card, except for phone and SOS functions, other functions can be used.







Two-way Communication

If you are looking for a kids smart watch that can be used as a mobile phone, consider Themoemoe. The two-way communication function allows you to talk to your child, who can be contacted at any time when he is not at home.You can add contacts to it. And allows to make calls from numbers in the phone book, which is very useful when you have children. You can add up to ten contacts.

MP3 Music Player

What’s more, it also works as an MP3 player. Your youngster can upload music from their computer and save it on the memory card. The sound is excellent for a smartwatch, and it has a volume control.

Kids smart watches support transferring their favorite music to the watch via the included USB. Allows children to relax while listening to their favorite songs.


Your child can gain some independence when using the watch due to the various functions. It includes a timer, stopwatch, and alarm clock. In addition to this, there’s also a calendar and calculator, too.

What’s more, it includes several layouts for the analog clock. Users can customize the look with approximately 50 displays to choose from.







Ability to Make Calls

For the safety of children, this kids smart watch is equipped with SOS call. Press and hold the SOS button on the children’s smart watch for 3 seconds. When they do this, the watch sends out notifications and calls to the selected emergency numbers.


The watch is equipped with a flashlight function. Children are no longer afraid to get up in the middle of the night and go to the bathroom. They exercise their independence.

14 puzzle games:

The smartwatch comes with 14 pre-installed learning games. They can Plants vs. Zombies, Basketball Shooter, or Pinball and Bricks ect. They’re easy to play, thanks to the touch screen, and they’ll promote logical thinking, hand-eye coordination, and quick responses. Also parents can set three alarm clocks to allow children to play games within a reasonable time.



If you have any questions about the product, you can tell us, we will give you the best answer.

Package includes:

1 X Smart Watch (not including SIM card);

1 X Charging Cable;

1 X User Manual

Call function

GPS function

Camera function

HD Camera

HD Camera

HD Camera

HD Camera

Dual Camera

Dual Camera

Flashlight function

📞【Two-Way Calls】You’ll be able to stay in contact with your youngster at all times thanks to the two-way call function. The wearer can easily make calls or receive them from a total of up to ten contacts. Themoemoe kids smartwatch must insert a SIM card to use the call function (only 2G networks are supported, and the product does not include a SIM card). Suitable for boys or girls from 3-12.
📸【Fun Camera Effects】This smart watch for kids features a camera and impressive storage. Kids can also use the themoemoe camera to take pictures, selfies, or videos. Your budding photographer can store up to 30 minutes of video footage or 3,000 pictures. They can also add 10 cute stickers to their photos.
🎶【MP3 Music Player】When you’ve inserted a memory card, you can upload your child’s favorite tunes to the watch. The sound is excellent for a smartwatch, and it has a volume control and speakers, so when they’re with friends they can listen at full volume.
🆘【No Disturbance and SOS】By using this application, you can set the No Disturbance time. After turning on this function, the kids smart watch will become silent mode. However, if children feel dangerous, they can still use the SOS button, which will send notifications and calls to the selected number.
⌚【Learn About Time】The kids smart watch isn’t all about playing — it can also teach a child about the concept of time. They can customize the analog or digital clock with different designs. Then they can set alarms, use the timer, or plan a date with the calendar. In addition to this, there’s also a stopwatch, flashlight and calculator, too. Covers you with 24/7 customer service, Lifetime Warranty.

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