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BoneSmart Pilates Aging Strong DVD Vol 2 with Enhanced Props Bundle – Newly Released! – Exercise to Build Bone, Avoid Injury, Age Strong

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Product Description

BoneSmart Pilates AGING STRONG Vol 2 DVD with Enhanced Prop Bundle ~ Designed by a PT for You, The Active Ager

Aging strong, osteoporosis, bonesmart pilates, strength, balance, boneAging strong, osteoporosis, bonesmart pilates, strength, balance, bone

With the Aging Strong DVD series and props, MOVEMENT BECOMES YOUR MEDICINE

Two 25 minute full body workouts safe for osteoporosis and other conditions. Move at a challenging pace with modifications offered. Includes standing weight-bearing exercises with resistance bands and loops to improve strength and balance, mat sequences for core/spine strength and flexibility and a bone-building stomping flamenco-inspired dance. Workout tutorials included. Bonus: Posture coaching

Resistance Bands and Resistance Loops improve strength, balance and bone growth

resistance bands, osteoporosis, Pilatesresistance bands, osteoporosis, Pilates

Targets areas of decline as we age – including hip and leg strength, spine strength and balance. Ideal for beginners and seasoned pros Created by physical therapist and certified Pilates teacher Teresa Maldonado Marchok, the workout and special features in Volume I of the Aging Strong Pilates series will build stronger bones, increase flexibility and improve posture and overall strength. Will simultaneously challenge and care for your body. This fun workout is designed to be safe for those with osteoporosis, herniated discs, chronic pain or general back and joint issues. Stimulates bone growth through weight bearing exercise, safe impact and the use of resistance bands Includes Sitting Posture Coaching 3 long bands provide resistance to build upper and lower body muscle strength as well as flexibility. These 5 foot long resistance bands are low-protein and powder-free, reducing skin irritation and making them ideal for sensitive users. Each band has a different tension level. Begin with the light orange band and as you get stronger, progress to the green then blue band. 2 Resistance Ankle Loops specifically designed to be used in the lower body. These smaller cousins of the long bands pack quite a workout for your hips and legs. Begin with the lighter yellow loop and when stronger, progress to the purple one.

Inflatable Mini-Ball for Core Strength


Research shows crunches and sit ups should be avoided for those with osteoporosis, or back issues. If you hate crunches and sit ups, you will love the assistance that this mini-ball provides! Enjoy a great core workout with proper posture and alignment, making for a healthier Pilates practice!

Easily inflatable by mouth Excellent texture for an easy grasp. Non-pthalate, PVC free

Aging Strong DVD Volume 2 demonstrates how to use the Inflatable Core Mini-ball, semi-inflated, for low back support. Take it with you for car and plane rides and enjoy pain free travel.

View the “Props” section on the DVD for additional innovative uses of the mini-ball to improve balance, mobility and alignment

Myofascial Release Oval Massage Ball

Our feet are what connects us to the earth when we stand. When we have strong, malleable feet they become the foundation for a strong and stable body.

Release tension Improve flexibility of your feet Increase blood flow and circulation Promote sensory awakening helping with overall balance Prevent plantar fascitiis and ankle sprains

This Massage Ball is contoured to match the dome shaped arches of your feet. The Aging Strong Props section shows additional ways to use the ball to improve hand strength and for a stimulating massage to different areas of your body like the back of the neck and calves.

Measures approximately 4¼” L x 1¾” Dia.

Phthalate free, PVC free

Newly designed stylish Tote Bag

Aging Strong, props, tote bagAging Strong, props, tote bag

tote, bonesmart, pilates, propstote, bonesmart, pilates, props

Take your Pilates workout with you anywhere in this convenient tote bag.

Comfortably carry all your props Roomy enough to hold extras including your mat! The outer pocket is perfect to carry a book, tablet or phone. Take it with you for other fitness classes like Barre or Yoga Consistency is key to achieving optimal health benefits and results so take it with you!

This stylish bag is an upgrade from the one shown in the video.

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer‏:‎No
Package Dimensions‏:‎14.25 x 2.95 x 2.48 inches; 1.28 Pounds
Date First Available‏:‎December 14, 2018
Manufacturer‏:‎BoneSmart Pilates®

With the AGING STRONG DVD series, Movement becomes your Medicine. This program, created by a physical therapist, targets areas at risk of decline as we age including, but not limited to, the hips and legs, the spine and balance. It’s challenging with modifications offered.
The workout includes: a standing weight-bearing sections with resistance band; 2 time efficient 25 minute full body standing and mat workouts. It culminates in a bone building stomping dance. Bonus Posture Tutorial with trademark rich imagery and illustrations, teaches you how to stand correctly with ease. Safe for osteoporosis and other conditions
The Props bundle is specially designed with quality products to support safe exercise for aging strong and includes everything you need to benefit from the Aging Strong Vol I and Vol 2 DVD Series.
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