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Aluminum Bread Loaf Pans (50 Pack) 8.5″x4.5″ Foil Bread Pans – Standard Size Disposable Tins for Baking Bread

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(as of Jan 27,2022 11:06:59 UTC – Details)

RECOMMENDATION Aluminum is one the world’s most prevalent elements and is found naturally in drinking water and in unprocessed foods. Depending on several factors cooking or storing food in aluminum pans elevates the levels of aluminum in the foodstuff. For this reason, in correspondence with international recommendations, we advise that consumers avoid the use of the pans with acidic or salted foodstuffs. Examples of such foods may include – apple sauce, rhubarb, tomato puree, salt herring, leafy vegetables, tomatoes, citrus products, vinegar and different types of pickles, etc. We recommend lining the pans with unbleached parchment paper when it is permissible (parchment paper is usually oven safe for use below 420F/215C but be sure to check each manufacturers guidelines). Notwithstanding the above please note that the United States Department of Health has determined that – “aluminum levels found in processed foods and foods cooked in aluminum pots are generally considered to be safe.” Furthermore – “The FDA has determined that aluminum used as food additives and medicinals such as antacids are generally safe.” This information is shared to better inform you, our customer, as to the right use cases for products made of aluminum. This information is in regard to general use of aluminum cookware / bakeware / storage containers and shouldn’t be taken into account specifically to DOBIs’ products. CAUTION: – Support pans bottom surface when lifting and transporting. – Clean pans before using them. – Do not use in microwave. – Do not reuse pans.
DURABLE 2 LB. ALUMINUM FOIL PANS—Bake beautiful loaves of bread, sweet breads, and more with these sturdy, disposable loaf pans. They work as hard as you do!
ALWAYS EVENLY BAKED—Our bread tins boast superior heat distribution and a unique air flow design for even baking. The result? Golden brown bread with a fresh-from-the-oven aroma that tastes as good as it smells.
ECO-FRIENDLY & RECYCLABLE—Feel good about using these earth-friendly disposal bread pans. They’re recyclable. 
NO CLEAN UP—Bake, eat, enjoy! Then simply recycle. No clean up required.
MULTI-PURPOSE —What other dishes work well with our loaf pans for baking? They are excellent for side dishes, meatloaf, desserts, quiches, and more. Always good travelers, use them for holiday family gatherings, picnics, road trips, large event preparations, or just because! Our bread baking pans make cooking easy and convenient for you!

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